Funk Monster. Will You Be Ready?

The Funk Monster, a tie-in Storybird story by Danny Dance

Funk Monster is a brand new House Music song by producer Danny Dance. The song is the first single on his new Dance Is A Feeling Records EP, “Give Me That Something”, available to order through the EP’s Bandcamp page or for DJs on the House Music DJ download store Traxsource. The general release date was March 19, 2013, and fans who order the Collector’s Edition through Bandcamp get a very special package:

  1. The four new songs on the EP: Dixco, Shining (Part 2), Funk Monster, and Give Me That Something
  2. The song “Shining (Part 1)” absolutely free, to accompany “Shining (Part 2)” on this EP
  3. A super-special Storybird tie-in story titled “The Funk Monster”, included as a downloadable PDF + pocketbook you can print & fold + minibook you can print & fold.

You won’t find this special pack anywhere else—it is exclusive to Bandcamp for the most hardcore Dance Is A Feeling fans. The song Funk Monster is available for streaming on Soundcloud or as an immediate download on orders. Order it now:

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The Song

Two months ago, Danny Dance posted one his popular Youtube dance videos, including a preview of the song:

The demand for the actual song was immediate and strong, from producers, DJs, and fans alike. Globally, Funk Monster has been the favored track on the EP by 73% of DJs who have received the label promo. Here’s what they have to say:

“8/10. Will be rocking it!” -Mark Farina, Om Records / Mushroom Jazz

“Funk Monster is that exhale. I love the hook, didnt want to be caught by the obvious devices, but giving credit where it is due. It is magnetic. I can see using it to prompt a call and response out of the crowd. It is easy and hypnotic.” -Kemetik, New Jersey

“Funk Monster will be causing some damage on the dance floor!!” -Razz Jazz UK

You know it’s good when there isn’t a dud in the bunch. A solid EP with tracks that are funky, smooth, and really well produced.” -AJ Manns, Brooklyn

I am flowing to this FUNK MONSTER – really good.” -Anderson P, Radio France

Funk monster will give the dance floor new life.” -Felipe Garcia, Sao Paulo / Brazil

Funk Monster, my favorite cut here, is exactly what it says… a funk monster. This is straight up junk yard funk. A very nice chunky tune that will shake an ass or three.” -DJC, Atlanta

As a dancer, I listen to Funk Monster and I hear ninja dance moves! Great track for a dance battle!” -Nite Grooves, Cali

 Order Give Me That Something EP

Funk Monster, out on Give Me That Something EP

Order Funk Monster today!

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